Quinoa – gluten-free superfood!

Quinoa is a source of wholesome protein, healthy fatty acids, many vitamins and minerals . It is valued both by fans of healthy nutrition and fans of keeping fit, because the quinoa provides our body with a daily portion of fiber, for a long time giving a sense of being full .

Quinoa came to us from the mountain regions of South America. Alongside amaranth and buckwheat, it is one of the most famous plants rich in sugars and starches, but without grain proteins, i.e. defamatory gluten .

Are you on weight loss diet or meatless diet? Don’t forget to include quinoa in your daily diet, which has a high content of wholesome protein as well as B and A+E vitamins . At first glance, inconspicuous quinoa seeds also contain a unique set of invaluable nutrients such as iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus . This combination of minerals helps to fight migraine headaches and helps prevent the treatment of diabetes . The low glycemic index of quinoa normalizes blood sugar levels, preventing the occurrence of acute hunger attacks .

Do you want your complexion to remain full of youthful glow? Great! Quinoa is an invaluable source of antioxidants and flavonoids , the effect of which can be compared to the mythical elixir of youth. They inhibit the processes of premature skin aging . While discussing about the rejuvenating properties of quinoa, we cannot forget about lysine and riboflavin . These compounds enable production of collagen and elastin, i.e. substances responsible for elasticity and firmness of the skin . Thus…you should eat quinoa seeds for health and beauty and there is no better choice of everyday quinoa loaded snack than Amki Superfoods with quinoa!