Liquid gold: honey as an invaluable treasure of nature

Cherished for its sugary taste, nutritional value and wide range of uses including cosmetic and medicinal, there are few things sweeter than honey.

Don’t let honey’s high fructose and glucose content fool you – you may be surprised to learn that honey is a powerful superfood, having been revered for its healing and nutritional properties throughout history. Natural honey has pro-health enzymes, vitamins A, C and B, folic acid, amino acids and a slew of minerals including but not limited to calcium, potassium, phosphorous and iron. In fact, the iron derived from honey is almost entirely absorbed by our body and quickly increases hemoglobin. From stimulating digestion, regulating liver and kidney functions and supporting a healthy sleep schedule, there’s not much honey can’t do.

And, it turns out, hot tea with honey has benefits and is comforting on more than just an emotional level! This seemingly magical ingredient is widely used in the prevention and treatment of respiratory illnesses. It’s no wonder honey is often found as the main ingredient in so many popular throat lozenges.

Less surprisingly but equally thrilling are the vast array of ways honey can be used to enhance the flavour of so many of the foods we enjoy. There are few people who are strangers to enjoying honey in, on or alongside treats for an added ribbon of sweetness. But don’t hesitate to experiment with honey’s role in your kitchen – from pairing the golden nectar with spicy flavours to enhancing meat’s flavour, the possibilities are truly endless.

When the insatiable hunger for a little something sweet inevitably hits, reach for our honey flavored AMKI Sesame Thins with honey to crush your craving and treat your body to its vast nutritional properties.

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