Amki Snacks: a healthier sweet snacks made with nutritious and scrumptious sesame seeds

When we are feeling hungry during the day, we reach for “quick” snacks filled with empty calories without thinking. While treating ourselves once in a while is just good for the soul, healthier snack alternatives are becoming the norm, offering added benefits – such as fiber, essential fatty acids, and protein – without compromising on taste. Our crunchy snack is exactly that and then some!

AMKI Sesame Thins are wholesome and tasty sesame-based snacks, made of just a few simple ingredients. Gluten free, vegetarian and made with seeds and grains, it contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, merging function and taste in one crunchy snack that can be eaten on the go. It is perfect as a tasty complement to outdoor activities or to keep you going through your day at work or play. Super thin and extra crunchy, AMKI Sesame Thins are available in three tasty flavour combinations:  Classic, with Honey and with Coconut.

Individually wrapped, AMKI Sesame Thins are an easy and convenient way to add sesame seeds to your daily intake wherever you go. Visit our where to buy section to find out where you can find your next favorite snack!

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