Do you dream about providing your body with energy and improving the appearance of your skin at the same time? We have a solution for you. Include buckwheat in your diet. It will make your skin look healthier, and at the same time you will provide your body with everything that is most important for its proper functioning. Buckwheat not only tastes delicious, but also prevents many diseases and ailments.

Buckwheat is another superfood that is a rich source of dietary fiber, is gluten-free, and contains minerals and various plant compounds which improves intestinal functioning due to its prebiotic properties. It has the ability to stimulate the growth of the intestinal microflora (the so-called good bacteria inhabiting our intestines), which regulates the functioning of the entire body and, above all, protects it against pathogenic bacteria and gives us a feeling of fullness.

Another important benefit of buckwheat, in addition to its positive effect on the digestive process, is that it helps to lower cholesterol (the bad kind!) and reduces the risk of a heart attack. Buckwheat also contains a wealth of valuable proteins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and zinc, which are essential for the development of red blood cells, maintaining normal blood pressure and strengthening immunity, especially in periods of increased morbidity.

Including buckwheat-based products in our diets is especially recommended for the autumn and winter months as it contains thiamine, i.e. vitamin B1, known as the “good mood vitamin”, which is a remedy for temporary, seasonal problems with concentration, fatigue and irritability.

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